Friday, March 26, 2010

Please Forgive Us!

So, have you noticed the lack of posts on this here blog? Seeing as our last post was 2 WEEKS AGO. That is a terrifying fact.
So where have we been? Be rest assured, we are still hunting for those elusive HMs. Speaking of HMs, anyone like Pokemon? Because I am obsessed with SoulSilver right now.
Ahem. Getting back on topic, where are we? Miineeervaaaa? Faaaauntleerooooy? Where are we?! Well, Fauntleroy is currently being held in the cellar of a castle, and cannot post until it's parole time. I am still in the process of undeading (seriously, I hate colds), and am recovering from the several stressors, including the hated homework.
So today and last week is supposed to be dA Friday. "Supposed to be" is the key phrase...ahaha? We're very sorry about not being able to post, and will be posting a huge post next week. *knocks on the fake wood*
But in the meantime, I will post one picture (I edited it a loooong time ago, in a faraway land) to tide things over...
So have you heard of the band Rotten Sound? I haven't, but one of Fauntleroy's friends introduced us to this song, "Blind". And look who showed up to rock out with us?
HM004 Rotten Sound-Blind MV
Humans see what we see? There's an EYE STARING AT US...
May you not be haunted by eyes staring at you at night, and stay out of trouble, y'hear?!


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