Friday, March 5, 2010

dA Friday

It's dA Friday again kids! That only means one thing: more pictures! I mean, what else COULD it mean?
This one goes out to all you cyclists/bicyclists/tricyclists and Mickey Mouse fanatics out there! How cool is this picture? I'm sure any Mickey Mouse biker would love it. That if, if they can even RIDE it. But that kind of bike reminds me of the reeeaaally old-fashioned big bikes with the giant wheel and then the two little wheels. Huh... I think we should all go make out Mickey Mouse bikes now!

Mickey Head Bike Wheels by kjtgp1

The colors of the wheels are happy primary colors! Happy like Mickey Mouse himself! That guy has also got a crazy, happy, strange laugh. I was imitating it today.
So who else loves lighting effects? Whoever doesn't, you should now because of this picture.

Hidden Mickey by eternalsailorpisces

Mickey Mouse is everywhere. Now he's in your nightlight kids. Don't worry if you wake up and hear weird laughter. It's just Mickey! In your room... uh, doing whatever... he likes to do... while sneaking around in your lighting...

Good night and sleep tight everyone!!!!!2


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