Monday, February 15, 2010

M: Happy [late] Singles' Awareness Day!

HM001 Triple Rosette

F: We found this right on Valentine's Day! I was being my usual internet hobo self when I stumbled upon it. At first I was thinking, "Oh, it's just another Valentine's Day ad..." But then I noticed! As swift as Pluto fetching a stick for Mickey Mouse I did just that to the ad and brought it here! Enjoy.



  1. Well Minerva, I see you've botched your work! There are many more HMs than the ones you circled!
    ~A disgruntled Fauntleroy

  2. Well Fauntleroy, you can hush! I was the one who found the other HMs, unlike you! Only finding one... you're the biggest disgrace to our cause!!!!!one What would our founding mothers say?!!!!two

  3. Minerva: And by the waay, FAUNtleroy, I did see those HMs. However, if I had circled them, it would create a confusing plethora of circles. NO ONE would see the HMs.

    So. There. End. Of. DiScUsSiOn.